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Paul H. Muller has written contemporary music for church services as well as instrumental and ambient electronic works.  His main influences have been JS Bach, Steve Reich, Richard Lainhart and James Ross.

In addition, Paul has posted ambient and instrumental works at on-line musical events such as Sound-In and ImprovFriday each week.

Albums of sequenced instrumental pieces and ambient music are available for free download from the Ventura Contemporary CD page.

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All music posted here is available for free download, including scores and MP3 files.  All work is offered under a Creative Commons copyright.

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About Paul H. Muller

I write indeterminate minimalist and ambient electro-acoustic music that is a combination of notated scores and processing by a Linux-based PC.  The result is music whose sequenced order is determined by real-time data from the Internet – weather, stock quotes, etc.  New variations are produced every few hours.  The links here are to mp3 recordings of these variations.

Details on this process are here.

Paul regularly contributes new music reviews to Sequenza21 and New Classic LA

Paul H. Muller

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May 2, 2011 at 6:51 pm